Monday, October 8, 2012

The Karmic Color of Money

The freedom of individuals to upload any information on public domain has finally led to exponential growth in communication and availability of phenomenal amount of data via internet on laptops, tablets and mobile. Search engines, social networking sites, twitter and many more similar processes have made it possible for everyone to instantaneously access the same, without fear of persecution. Movies like Wall Street I and II, Blood Diamond, Zeitgeist, Too Big to Fall, Yes Men Fix the World, Freakonomics, Thrive has further brought about a clear awareness amongst the High Net-worth Individuals (HNI), Fixed Income Buyers (FIBs) and Qualified Institutional buyers (QIBs) of the link between their money and exploitation of human beings by human beings. At the turn of the century and particularly in last half decade, it dawned on them that the men made atrocities, violence, terrorism and wars were closely connected with the (mis)application of their funds invested in the market, by those in whom they had put the money in trust for a fixed return as investment.  

As these HNI, FIB and QIB were able to trace the use of the funds handed over by them to Banks through asset or portfolio managers, consultants and administrators, they suddenly felt the true impact and effect of the carcinomatous growth of social ills resulting from their hard earned accumulated funds and also the karmic effect on their family. These HNIs, FIBs and QIBs in this new age fully wish to disassociate and severe all connections existing indirectly or even remotely and does not wish to be privy to any form of return from drug sales, arms funds or blood  money used for exploiting the commoners around the globe, with whom they now feel connected. These HNIs, FIBs and QIBs actually and genuinely now wish to be a part of the development and growth of the world in the real sense and bridging the gap between the high ups and low bottom and not contributing or underwriting the corrupt funds. India with its attributes is perhaps the only one of those countries in the world, which with its global spread of PIOs has been able to touch and shake the deep dormant conscious of those who came in contact with its deep rooted culture and wide spread heritage. India thus becomes the most preferred parking place for these funds at the coming of the new age.

Fortin Financial Group (FFG) has been working with an international private lender who has deep association with these HNIs, FIBs and QIBs based all over the Europe, fully wishing to be a part of the change. FFG with its associated group has been underwriting Bonds for genuine borrowers who were looking for funds to execute projects supporting progress, development and growth and found it difficult to make headway in the controlled Banking system. FFG with its long associations was able to accomplish private placements with HNIs, FIBs and QIBs from US$1 million to US$500 million. HNIs, FIBs and QIBs while working within the structured frame work were tied for its interest rate to the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) at simple interest with payment of interest in arrears. LIBOR rate continues to fluctuate every morning by those who manage the so called market forces by the CP-GOD (those who continue to control fluctuations of Currency, Pharmaceuticals, God, Oil and Diamond). There are no loan covenants or restrictions on the use of the loan proceeds and it is not easy to decipher where all this money was being used i.e. destruction of the produced by legitimate means.

In view of the particular needs of the HNIs, FIBs and QIBs looking for secured returns and a wish to exactly have correct knowledge about the use of funds on one side and the potentiality of India being constantly battling invasions from foreign countries for almost 1000 years and the nonviolent philosophy of Gandhi looking for rejuvenation, transformation and re-emergence on the other, FFG custom-crafted an economic configuration which has the potentiality to preserve the karmic colour of money. Most of the money that has continued to come in India as FDI is the same which had gone out of India through unknown routes and has been routed back finding Mauritius route or has come in as debt fund from World Bank, IDB, ADB or other Development Banks on which the country continues to pay huge interest. The money that has been invested by FIIs in the share market has continued to quit the share market with a multiplier and we have seen the share market crashing and Lakh Crores being wiped out of India by sheer manipulation. These amounts have been much more than that was looted from India by invaders, East India Company and British Raj by power of sword and guns.

FFG designed a unique repayment schedule for HNIs, FIBs and QIBs with maturities at the end of 8 years with a fixed interest of 6.5 % (152 % pay back after 8 years) which is far more than the return as per LIBOR. This repayment of principle and fixed interest has been fully secured by maturity value of Senior Life Settlements (SLS) secured by FFG. The money raised against the placement of Bonds with HNIs, FIBs and QIBs, bring in an equal amount, which can be used as project fund or loan. Since this entire amount is surplus earned by FFG after repayment of entire amount is parked in India as capital of its NBFC. The funds brought in by Bharatpuria Finance and Investment Ltd. (BFIL), the NBFC of FFG shall continue to fund infrastructure, industrial and other project in India and boost the economy of the country by the funds which are coming in without any baggage and not dependent on the fluctuating market controlled by CP-GOD.

With the rating of India as Bbb- or its equivalents by Moody's, Standard & Poor, Fitch IBCA, and/or Duff & Phelps, by the measures set up by those who manage the designed system, finds it difficult to get the clean and green finances to the extant required for any project. The half completed projects with all the money of the entrepreneur sunk in it and the loans with penal interest have continued to ruin the project and the genuine entrepreneur with integrity, who got funds in form of loan from the Banks or those who were funded by Banks. Traditional families with strong economic base and deep pockets, continued to survive and grow with great efforts, but were than defeated on the technology issue and the flashes of post-modern sparkles. The few that have managed to keep in touch with the world around has survived with dignity and the very few who could expand globally along with the big wigs, continue to amass in consonance with the strength of their product.

There have also been stray people with highest integrity and have been able to reach to the heights by very personal efforts like medals earned in Olympics. The real issue is the thoughtful, calculated, deliberate, measured and well considered design of the CP – GOD to keep India at bay, in predicament and in a dilemma is now under challenge. They are finding themselves struck in the design or the web which they had managed well for almost 200 year. Normally a spider does not get struck in its own web, but when it happens, the only result is the same as it happens with all those who get struck in the web. For if India rises, the world will have no alternative but to change with it. India’s energy level at the soul level in phenomenal and incredible because of reasons which all feel and understand but find it difficult to express and accept openly. However, with the awareness amongst the HNIs, FIBs and QIBs is once again bringing the conflict in the open, between the New World Order Vs. New World Energy. Obama’s win as US President of US in 2008 was the beginning of the advent of New Energy and his win again in 2012 will be a phenomenal rise of the New Energy World and the crumble of the economic pyramid.