Saturday, September 28, 2013

Towards Economic Independence...

Created and manipulated poverty, by a well-managed economic structure is one of the major reasons for the existence of economic imbalance around the globe. Money is another form of energy and once minted does not disappear, but continues to pass from hand to hand creating debits and credits. As money continues to be exchanged for products or services, a part of it continues to accumulate with those who manage the entire structure through institutions and are well aware of its true nature. This results in the requirement of minting of more money by the Governments.
All the 193 or more countries around the globe continue to mint currencies every day against Government Bonds, with a promise to pay and more with more promise to pay. This money is circulated in the social system through Banks and to Countries through monetary funds and continues to be exchanged ad-infinitum, without destruction. As the amount of money in circulation in the globe continues to increase, it seems that the production in the globe is continuously increasing. In fact what is really happening is that all the Governments are every day increasing their debts and the final credit is going to the fund managers who continue to play successfully in the created global fluctuating market. Currency fluctuations, share market fluctuations and commodities prices fluctuations is a every moment, hour and daily affair. These fluctuations and uncertainties continue to keep people at their wits end but also give them a hopeless hope that one day they will succeed, life will change.
In spite of all possible efforts the laborer in the industry, the man on the street, the trader in the shop, the entrepreneur, bureaucrat and politician in his office is never able to understand the trauma of continued sufferance because of economic dependence on wholly unknown facts, structures and institutional functionality. Those who know are enjoying the traumas, tensions and tribulations.
It is agonizing to see and hear that a man has to struggle for existence, though every human being in this global village is entitled to be provided with the basic human necessities of water, food, clothing, medicine etc. for which there must be no need to work. Every human being is entitled to these basic amenities because he is a human being and nature provides it to all in abundance.
The entire social structure is the multi-fold manifestation of an individual being. The underlying basic structure of every human being, the social system and the cosmos is the same. The true and correct understanding of the basic human system and the principles on which it is functioning, when applied and implemented in the social system has the potentiality to resolve the existing economic imbalance created by a few.
From the moment a cell is formed in our body and classified as a part of a tissue depending on its situational existence, it continues to exist without any struggle. Every cell in the body is provided with oxygen and food through a well networked blood supply system. Every cell in the body is protected at any cost by the whole body system. Any damage or weakening of any cell leads to damage or weakening of the entire body itself. Healthy, energetic and vibrant existence of every cell is imperative for the body to survive and work in harmony.
National Heritage Foundation is working in close co-ordination with Global Political Alliance to provide every human being with Glocal every month. Glocal is a fourth dimension para currency, neither based nor convertible nor exchangeable with any other currency. Glocal is a way to remunerate the people for their un-remunerated work and for the voluntary services provided by them which are not determinable in terms of money.
People globally do great charities, but the same disappear in the existing webbed structures and does not reach the people who are actually contributing to the social dynamics by their mere existence. National Heritage Foundation is working in close co-ordination with several other NGOs which have the same awed objectives and are working together to bring about a more harmonious and peaceful human order.
The time has come to coordinate all heritage like Tao, Hindu, Buddhist, Aborigines in USA, Australia and all over the globe, Zartoshta, Shinto, Pagan, Maori, Maya, Roma and many many others to bring about a new world into existence where every human being continues to survive without struggle for basic human amenities.