Friday, January 9, 2015

60 years of Lateral Existence

        Flashes continue to occur and re-occur from the first when as a 3 yrs. old child (1958) my mother, grandfather, another person and I got down from a brown Ford Prefect and walked to Jaipur Central Jail carrying breakfast for my father and his colleagues at the bar, who were detained for protesting against the abolition of High Court Bench at Jaipur. Justice K.N. Wanchoo, the than Chief Justice of Rajasthan had some perceptions and agenda to settle and that had led to the abolition of the Jaipur Bench. The next flash is getting down at Rai-ka-bagh Railway Station at Jodhpur with bag and baggage, as my father than an advocate in the High Court, had to shift with the family leaving the parental house at Jaipur to his Highness Flats opposite zoo. 57 years thereafter are flashes of a wonderful and incredible break at a beach resort in Kerala and the release of ‘Supreme Court on Arbitration and Contract’ last evening, January 9, 2015 at Indian Law Institute.

As I had continued to observe my paternal grandfather, Rao Bahadur Madho Prasad Gupta, in whose company I spend my childhood, enquiring into beyond and leading an extremely disciplined life far away from the mundane and the ephemeral and hear all the stories and read all the books, it dawned that realization of the Self is the true and ultimate goal of the existence. It also emerged that it was imperative that all events shall continue to come into existence and give way to the new, the very next moment, with the sole objective of making one consciously aware of the truth, that bliss was the nature of the Self and the Cosmic divine and that is beyond lateral time.

As I continued to observe my maternal grandfather, Dr. A.C. Bansal, a highly respected socialite at Agra, with a life full of spirit and freedom, a strong wish had evolved to serve the fellow beings by joining the medical profession, which continued to consciously and unconsciously dominate the core system till one day it became apparent that there existed an interplay of forces in chartering the life events as they would continue to arise according to their own mandate and I surrendered to them.

On August 1, 1976 I found myself in the corridors of Supreme Court of India and the most powerful intellectuals that existed in the nation. I continued to relentlessly contribute my very best for next 27 years to the profession and evolved with every case and social issue I dealt with, as a better human being in search of truth and justice. It continued to bring about understanding of the nuances of social, economic and political fabric and structuring, being constantly stitched and un-stitched. A feeling continued to air around that it will be possible to follow the footsteps of my father Justice D.P. Gupta, who retired as Chief Justice of High Court of Rajasthan, with the highest integrity, honesty, uprightness and honor. 12 years further, windows have continued to close and open again and again, beings have continued to walk in and walk out and walk in again, events have continued to come into existence and dissolve by its very nature to give way to the new.

60 years of lateral existence has not made me wiser to determine in the true sense, the little personal requirements and the grand social status, the deep inner peace and the magnificent collective recognition, the calm deep unchanging vibes and the charged public passions. There has been a constant awareness of the divine cosmic energy existing blissfully within unaffected by the constant movement of fleeting events all around. This awareness of the twin existence has continued to co-exist simultaneously in a quantum way every moment of my existence, for quite some time now. All exists here and now every moment. There is constant awareness of energies which have continued to exploit and damage the peace and harmony within and around, but there is also perception of divine cosmic energy and light workers relentlessly working to establish peace, love and eradicate poverty. The real contribution seems to be to create powerful legal structures to resolve some of the conflicts or open the conflicts by exposing their true nature, to be resolved in times to come, for a better tomorrow…