Monday, June 10, 2013

Thank You Advani ji

              When the time comes, event occur picking up beings than existing in the space and time carrying out their assigned tasks. The seers see and smile with wonder and awe, while looking at the occurring of events in presenti, which will tomorrow be known as history. The events which have the potentiality to create a self confident, self sufficient, stable, decisive, transparent and accountable New India are occurring. Many persons have joined the wind to create it a karvan, others are still sitting on the fence to change their guards and flow with the direction of the winds when there is no choice left, some other are watching these events as a 20:20 match with an emotional involvement and the rest look at it to get a feel good factor or nothing-will-change attitude. How so ever simple it may look but the decision of May 9, 2013, at Goa Conclave of BJP declaring Narendra Modi as the head of the campaign committee for 2014 Lok Sabha General Elections is an important page in the history of Bharat.
The trilogy of RSS, VHP and BJP represents the three divine energies of Brahma-SaraswatiVishnu-Lakshmi and Shiv-Durga respectively and the new model of Hindu Governance based on this divine trilogy the basis of Himalayan culture can alone give a corrupt free Bharat. Congress culture since it came into power, immediately after independence till date continues to reflect and manifest the world forces which are primarily demonical in nature. Every one for himself and all together to exploit the common man. After 947 of foreign invasion and almost 60 years of Congress rule, every Bhartiya on the street is exasperated by the system of governance followed by the British Raj for their colonies. India is still stuck in the well managed cob web of economic structure which is on the verge of collapse and the only way for India to come out of the web is to create a Hindu Governance System looking into the needs of the e-age in the post modern age.
Issue is not the grandsire and the great old man LKA who has to the best of his capacity dedicated his life to the hand in issue as referred to him by his courtier, but the issue is his courtier, who never had any touch with the pulse of the masses and have been riding high on the shoulders of RSS and VHP by default. This group of courtier with their group of courtiers has for almost two decade now continued to play on the rebound by thwarting all those who have tried to be a threat to their vested interests. The elimination of all those leaders for one reason or other have continuously eroded the confidence of the cadres till the booth level.
The committed cadres of RSS and VHP who are into wholly voluntary service with total commitment for their mother land feel wholly cheated and resigned at the hands of those who have been empowered by their sweat and blood. The fact the congress was beating them red and blue was still acceptable for they are following the British Raj culture, but to be exploited by their own leaders was wholly unacceptable. BJP is an extension of the arm of RSS and that is something BJP will have to feel proud about and not feel demeaned, degraded and humiliated. If India has to rise it will have to rise on the strength of its own culture and heritage and not by imitating or working on borrowed structures, which it has done since independence. But the time has now come to call it a day and the proclamation of BJP in 2013 is the first ray on the horizon to dispel the darkness which has now eclipsed Bartiyata and Bhartiya Sanskriti for over 1000 years. India will rise as phoenix as reaffirm, reestablish, reiterate, confirm and reestablish itself as the most powerful culture and heritage to bring in global peace, harmony and economic independence.
History in times will certainly acclaim LKA as the greatest political genius of the 21st century for his greatest and un- parallel contribution to cleanse BJP one of the most important limb of the trilogy existing in Indian Cultural, Social and Political scene. When the events occur picking up beings then existing in the time and space, the seers bow their heads to the forces that enables victory of truth over injustice, divine over asur. Thank you Advani Ji for helping identification of the asur in the army of the divine and playing a wonderful inning according to the destiny of the nation .