Friday, April 28, 2017

Akhilesh Ji - The grand banyan tree

     How much and how little can one say about a person who has done so much for so many? Most of his amazing social contributions to unknown individuals came to light with great awe, admiration and reverence only after he had left us all with deep pain, shock and sorrow. Inheriting a political DNA from his father (Late) Babu Banarsidas Ji, former Chief Minister of UP, Akhilesh Ji was born as the youngest member in his family. From very early in his life he developed deep and amazing political sense and had a very humble beginning in his career.
    By sheer hard work, passion for helping the needy, he ardently continued to facilitate, even without knowledge of his family, every person that came to him for help. Nobody ever returned empty handed and without a solution from his house ever. We all feel the un-reasonableness of the hands of time in leaving us without a great person who relentlessly worked for wiping out so many tears from so many eyes, that approached him with love and affection.
   Akhilesh Ji rose to great heights in all spheres of his activities as he had developed a unique understanding of the human nature and social structures. He had complete grasp of fundamentals of political synergies and took every task in hand to its logical conclusion. After doing a job, he started a co-operative bank, then he was elected as the Mayor of Lucknow, thereafter member of Rajya Sabha and  Minister of State for steel in Union Cabinet. He conceived and created BBD University, where about 25,000 students are getting education and a large number of them free. As sports administrator he was able to take Badminton in India to new levels, during his tenure as President of BAI, India won medals in two consecutive Olympics. As real estate developer he developed BBD Greens, he started two newspapers Voice of Lucknow and Kaumi Khabren, 90.3 FM Channel, hotels and many more ventures. He handled them all with precision and great perfection. Akhilesh Ji was like a grand banyan tree, with his spread all over.
   While our family is left without a member who formed the finest ingredient of us all and whose presence we all cherished at all times, there are so many here and out there who are left without a supporter, friend in need and a guide providing a practical solutions in a moment. He was a dedicated worshipper of Lord Ganesh and it was on the wee hours of a Wednesday that he left us all without a whisper. Being without him is being without an indispensable part of our life. With greatest love, affection, fondness, admiration and respect, we pay our homage to a great soul and a fine human being. May he rest in peace and God give all possible strength to his wife, my sister Alka, son Viraj Sagar, daughter Sonakshi to take forward his legacy with same grandeur and to us all, who will always  always continue to remember him with fondness and miss him all our life.