Thursday, July 7, 2016

Preface to Third Edition of Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta - The Song Celestial - A Lawyer's Perspective

As the world choicelessly continues to move from the third to the fourth to the fifth dimension and feels more closer to existence of harmony in metaphysics, reading, understanding and assimilation of the simple but deep learning so beautifully expounded in Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta has more relevance and significance to mankind than ever.
 There is not a single word in the song celestial which does not contain an underlying thought or hold a significant meaning to relate to the path that every human being is traveling both in lateral time and in quantum way. It is for us to locate our standing and move forward to achieve the true and real purpose of life. It is also for us to see why those who, though seem to be rising on social ladder, are falling from the true and real purpose of life, until the truth dawns and the karmic colors continues to splash on life canvas, following irreversible laws of nature, without judgment. The song celestial helps us to unwind all that riddles us, once we decide to let our life loose.
 There is not a single word or thought which can be added in the song celestial here, there or anywhere. Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta is a complete code in itself, with its tributaries and attributes reaching all over. Time and again it becomes imperative for every self who in the process of seeking realization seeks to decipher the mundane and the ephemeral as also the metaphysical and ethereal to perceive the picture as a whole, which it quests to experience, as the goal and purpose of coming into existence.
 A chart of, It – A Road Map, an interpretation of first mantr of the first Sukt of first mandal of Rig Ved and 1 -9 mantr, an interpretation of Gaayatri Mantr, Kaal Gadna (Time Calculation), the lateral years of Shri Krishn’s existence and a detailed index of names and Sanskrit words not having corresponding English words, has been added to bring some more information on record about them, references of which finds place in Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta, about which Arjun was well aware and appreciated them fully, but the existing generation finds difficult to lay hands on. In absence of correct interpretations of the books from the east, the English world has suffered the great age of ignorance and unawareness. The effort is to provide easy, simple and correct material which makes its way into mind space, to enable perpetual enjoyment of the ecstasy and bliss of existence.