Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SpotLaw Apps - An idea finally encapasulated after 34 years

From the moment a being is conceived in the womb till the issuance of succession certificate, first breath to the last, form abortions to wills, from juvenile justice to death sentence, from free grants to taxation, from admission to education institute to post retirement benefits, from equality to desegregation, from Presidents election to compassionate appointments, from international and inter-state boundaries and water disputes, from anti-dumping and disinvestment to medical reimbursements and interest on pensions, from excesses by armies in foreign territories to anticipatory and cancellation of bails, from conviction of terrorists, murderers and child rapists to sexual harassment in office places, there are cases and there are judgments. Judges, lawyers, litigants, facts, issues and laws are different, jurisdictions are different but there is always a litigation touching every facet of human co-existentialism and a judge delivering a judgement determining the cause. Law governs every aspects and every issue of every human being.The impact of decision making process by Courts touches almost every aspect of human existence, social behavior and States governance. Every human being has his actions and legal rights regulated by laws, whether he likes it or not, whether he is aware of them or not, whether he fights for them or not. Every one of these issues ends up and is dealt with by the apex country of that country and is regulated by some Act, Rule, Regulation, circular etc. One party loosing, other party winning and every person who reads it commenting.
Sooner or later every being gets involved in one way or other with assertion for access to truth and justice and this is common to all jurisprudence, uniform to all judicial systems and consistent for all persons associated with judiciary.Judgments are creative work of art for the judges and advocates; decisive for the litigant; educative and informative for the people who wish to be aware of various dimensions of inter and intra-human expressions, interactions and relationships, their rights and duties; entertaining for the public in general; a source of plugging holes for the legislators and realization of the errors committed by executive, deliberately or unintentionally.
Everybody in the world is presumed to know law, but it is difficult to spot law, when it is really required. Neither judgments nor statutes are available on a specified subject and searching using word search is cumbersome. SpotLaw Apps seek to create an app consisting of a constantly updating encyclopedia of judgments from the Apex Courts of India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and those referred in them. This unique app will enable judges, advocates, academicians, legislators, law students, corporate houses, media persons, litigants and others carry on legal research using a smart phone. SpotLaw will not be merely a word search app, but shall be supported by a structured database containing researched data which works as an online legal manual and allows specific searches on the basis of:
• Name of Appellant
• Name of Respondent
• Citation
• Date of Judgment
• Name of Hon'ble Judge
• Statute - Act, Rules etc
to begin with, and finally add
• Subject, Issues, Decision
• Legal maxims
• Books and Periodicals
• Name of Advocate
• Amendment of Statutes
A through research of law requires finding out the latest judgment in which the judgment has been subsequently followed or over ruled across the common law countries and also latest judgment in which the Article, Section or Rule of an Act or Rule has been considered. A thorough research also requires amendments of the statutes made from time to time. With a few clicks you can get complete analysis of the subject, issue, statute along with the full text of judgment. With a team of innovative lawyers and pragmatic software developers, we proudly present SpotLaw for your smart phone. SpotLaw extensive database covers Judgments of Supreme Court of India since 1950 till date which are updated on a daily basis. All judgments are curated by an expert team of lawyers and academicians who carefully analyze each judgment and specifically classify them under well-structured parameters, which covers all possible factors on which the users seek to search judgment to support the grounds and submissions made by them.