Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introductory Address on the Release of ‘The Origins of Astronomy, the Calendar & Time’ by Shri Kosla Vepa

I am just a nameless comet amongst the galaxy of stars and planets present here on the occasion of two days International Seminar on ‘Determining Cultural Continuity since Vedic and Epic Eras: Through sequential Dating of Astronomical References and other Corroborating Scientific Evidences’.

I think I met Kosla Vepa Ji for I had realized early in my profession that the process of proof in law, astronomy, mathematics, science and all knowledge based on logical deductions is the same and we could discuss issues in common. As lawyers we have to establish our client’s right and we search through facts and evidence in pages after pages to establish the truth and reach to justice by interpretation of words. Proof is conclusion reached by interpretation of words to reach the objective sought to be achieved. True interpretation is impossible when the language is foreign and the objective is to rule the race and that is why all work done on Indic civilization during the British Raj needs serious re-construction.

We are all here to establish the true facts about Indian kaalgadna from the first Manu to the seventh and then specifically from Dwapar Yug onwards and fit the events into them correctly so that we get our due respect if not the Intellectual Property Right. Friends, believe you me, it is only a matter of time, before the Truth triumphs. But in all what we are doing, we are in search of Satt Chitt Anand. Consciously aware of truth and enjoy the bliss of our doing. We are looking for a Gross Personal Happiness.

When I met Kosla Ji for the first time almost 10 yrs. ago I was awe struck by his passion to know and make available the true history of the Indic civilization which has been distorted by a group of persons which effort is still in vogue, some out of ignorance, some out of ego and others intentionally to demean, debase and exploit the greatest existing culture in the world. ‘The Origins of Astronomy, the Calendar And Time’ is an extra ordinary book by an extraordinary man in search of his Gross Personal Happiness.

The book is a result of a very hard labour and deep research by Kosla Ji who is now a name to be followed both in the western and eastern world of astronomy and Indic studies. Deep research, analysis of Kosla Ji in contemporary world is just remarkable and unparallel. The Appendix G Primary and other sources in Astronomy at p. 500, Appendix H Select Bibliography at p.514,  the list of General Interest Books on India and History of India at p. 516, Resources for Sanskrit Manuscripts in India at p. 518 and outside India at 530 and endnotes at p.579 depicts the degree of massive and extensive readings and research undertaken by Kosla ji.

The Comparative Timeline of Greece, south and West Asia at p. 533 and timeline of Significant Events in Trigonometry, Islamic Savants and Impact on Transmission at p. 247 are outcome of humongous research. Sanskrit Alphabets and Pronunciation at p.454 was a must must for quite some time as the destruction of any culture starts with destruction of its alphabets. From Om as the 0 and 64 alphabets Devnagri Lipi has lost its alphabets, some put it as 54 others as 58, courtesy those who have dominated the printing world for over 200 years now.

Last but not the least, the Global Perspective on Calendars at p.296 is another great phenomenal work. Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his book ‘Vedic Chronology and Vedanga Jyotisha’ in 1925 had emphasised and brilliantly put the system of Vedic Chronomlogy.  

Friends I am certain that Mr. Kosla Vepa will long be remembered as the true son of Maa Bharati for his contribution to Indic studies... On a personal note I must say that a major contribution to book comes from the silent and ever smiling Mrs. Vepa, standing strongly behind him.