Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Neither A Thinker - Nor Open To Thoughts – The NAT- NOT2 Principle

            The natural response of some of the wise decision makers to new ideas and projects ideas is based on a mind set. This  mind set exists because of deep insecurity and fear existing at soul level as a result of 947 yrs of onslaught, plunder, loot and rape of  India, but we have to move forward new ideas with potentialities to create a new empowered India has to take shape. These mind sets manifest the following thoughts in different form:
  1. I don't know the direction, but the direction given/taken by you has several obvious defects.
  2. I will not act, but when you will act, I can always point out several errors in your actions.
  3. I thrive on chaos, therefore, I will not allow creation of development and harmony.
  4. What is not under me is against me.
  5. I respect and trust you but, not as much as I respect and trust myself, because I know everything and I can do everything, I only don't have sufficient time to do everything.
  6. I will not run the race, but I will not allow you to win the race.
  7. I know and feel that there is a cosmic energy that moves the system, but all the events that takes place are because I thought them first and because of me.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Mantr of the First Sukta of the First Mandal of Rig Ved

'agnimeeley purohitam yagyasya devmritvijayam, hotaram ratnadhatmam

The first word is agnimeeley. This word is made of two words Agni or Energy and Eeley or initiate or pray. There are three sources or springs or channels of energy. Sun, Fire and Chakras and there are three ways of initiating these sources or channels. Chanting mantr and offering aarck (water) to Sun, chanting mantr and performing yagya (offering ghee and aahuti) with fire  and meditation, by directing flow of energy through the chakras in the body. Sun reaches every living being without limitation. Fire for yagya has be lightened in the place of worship by the human being and meditation is carried by channeling the energy by moving it through the chakras. Agnimeeley would, therefore, mean that Agni I initiate you or pray you by offering arack, performing yagya or doing meditation.

The second word is purohitam and it would mean ‘that which is positioned in the front’. That which exists in the front for receiving, holding, and distributing to the one to which it belongs is a Purohit. Purohit is the mouth or the receiver of the divine. Purohit is akin to the counter of a bank. The person to whom we give and he who receives the cheque or cash and the amount is deposited in the account of the account holder. When aarck is offered to the  Sun, the water evaporates and the mantra reach the Sun, initiating the energy of the Sun and to be spread out all over. When yagya is performed, the fire hold the vibrations of the mantras and carries the vibrations of the mantras to respective divine  or devta for whom the mantra is chanted. Similarly during  meditation the energy of the chakras are initiated, activated and moves from one to another.

The third word is 'yagyasya' which would mean 'resulting from yagya’. The result of the yagya would depend on the person performing the yagya and also the process of yagya. The doer of the yagya is the human being and the process is offering of the aarck, performing the yagya and doing meditation. For Sun, offering aarck at different timing and chanting  different mantra will have different results. Performing Yagya with fire by chanting different mantra for different divine deity or devta for whom the mantra is chanted would bring in different results and meditating on different chakras would bring in different results.

The fourth word is devmritvijayam. This word is made up of three words - dev + ritu + vijay. Devta are the angles or deities or divine beings or repositories of different kind of energy in cosmic form. They are like different cabinet ministers holding key to different departments or portfolios or different spices which have different smell different colour and give different taste.  Ritu is a beautiful, powerful and  deep rooted word and  means season, that which comes into existence by movement of Earth round the Sun and is dependent on true dharma or perfected laws of nature, which we continue to decipher. Ritu for yagya would mean the perfect procedure and correct phonetic pronunciation of the mantras and ritu for meditation would mean the exact step by step procedure for cleansing, pranayam, meditation, regulating and moving the life energy in the body and chakras. Devmritvijayam would, therefore, mean that it is an established law like the coming into existence of season that, that devta will become more victorious, energized and powerful whose more yagya are performed or in other words, that energy will get more activated for which more yagya are carried on.

The fifth word is 'hotaaram' and would mean ‘happening because of some effort or action or karma’. It would also mean the logical result that comes out of some doing or doing something. There is a result that comes into existence when the being gives aarck to the Sun, there is a result when a being performs yagya with fire and there is a result by meditating on the chakras.

The sixth and the last word is ‘ratnadhatmam’. This word consists of two words ‘ratna’ and ‘dhatri’. Ratna would mean wealth in all forms. That which is shining, revels and exhibits brilliance and would also mean fame, power, victory, wealth, property, all forms of fortunes and a value etc. everything that gives happiness, joy, delight, security, ecstasy and bliss. Health, integrity, knowledge of all sciences and art, wisdom, any form of skill or talent, etc. are also ratna. ‘Dhatmam’ has its root in ‘dhatri’ and means the receiver and possessor or the one who gets, receives and continues to keep. Ratnadhatmam would, therefore, mean she/he who becomes the beneficiary, recipient and possessor of ratna.

Sun exists in the cosmic world and reaches every being. Invocation of the cosmic energy of the Sun by offering or giving aarck to the Sun and chanting the mantra, would make the person who offers, beneficiary, recipient and possessor of fame, recognition and eminence etc.

When a person performs yagya and offers offerings to fire and chants  the mantra relating to a particular divine, that divine becomes empowered. The food of the divine is the offerings and the mantra, more the offering and more the mantra, more the empowerment of that divine and this happens or occurs like season, a logical consequence. The result is a matter of rule and not just hearsay. The empowerment of the divine results in making the performer of yagya rich, wealthy and prosperous in the worldly sense.

When a person meditated on the chakras and activates the dormant energy in kundalini the person who meditates enjoy the bliss and ecstasy and may also obtain siddhi of healing, prediction, channeling or other metaphysical powers of co-information and co-creativity etc.

          The complete transliteration/ interpretation would be: Initiate, pray and meditate the Sun, Fire and Chakras, the distributor, receiver, holder and channel of the divine energy. Such initiation, prayer and meditation as a law empowers the divine. As a result thereof the performer of yagya is provided with fame, victory and health; wealth and prosperity; ecstasy and bliss or Pray agni, the purohit (of the divine). The performance of yagya as of rule empowers the divine. As a result the performer of yagya becomes possessor of wealth and prosperity.

            Pray agni, the purohit (of the divine). The performance of yagya as of rule empowers the divine, which results in the divine making the performer of yagya possessor of wealth and prosperity.

Gaayatri Mantr

Om Bhu, Burvah Suvaah,
Tat savitur vare-niyam,
Bhargo devasiya dheemahi.
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat.

Rig Ved 3.62.10 ; Saam Ved – 1462…

Om                   - Total phonetic universe
Bhu                  - Total material universe – present and future
Bhurva             - Unlimited, gigantic, ginormous, humongous
Suvaah            - Belonging to Self - existing with in Self
Tat                   - That
Savitur             - Energy of the Sun
Vare-nium        - Greatest – worthy of wishing
Bhargo          - Sound produced when encapsulated air is released by fire
Devasiya          - Divine
Dheemahee  - Sharpness with ability to grasp-used by weasel to catch snake
Dhiyoh             - Buddhi -Intelligence
Yonah               - Womb of creativity
Parachodayaat - Continuously increases by effort

The total phonetic universe, the total material universe, without limit existing within Self–That divine greatest energy of the Sun, free the encapsulated divine knowledge in buddhi with sound (physical experience), make it sharp with ability to grasp and be the womb of  creativity, which continuous to increase by effort.