Thursday, July 18, 2013

'Larger Political Conspiracy' of UPA to destabilise democracy in India

“UPA, a democratically elected political party entered into a ‘larger political conspiracy’ to file absolutely fake cases based on created facts, false accusations and allegations and used NIA and other investigating agencies to carry on brutal and merciless atrocities against nationalists and created ‘Saffron Terrorism’ out of thin air, with a view to destroy RSS and VHP, world largest NGOs, BJP the political party in opposition and other nationalist organizations, to destroy the world largest democracy and its institutions’.

Background of the ‘Larger Political Conspiracy’

1. Ever since the independence of India in 1947, Global Economic Forces and Multi National Operators have continued to support anti-nationalist activities and similar elements in India to create disharmony, disturbances and divisiveness, so that India is not able to develop into a global power and to lead the people towards peace, harmony and freedom from exploitation. India with its amazing heritage, astounding deep culture and spiritual base is looked up to, by people in almost all countries in the world, particularly with large population of People of Indian Origin (PIO), as the guiding power to help them deal with the issues arising in the new age. It is an accepted global phenomenon that, Indian culture has successfully survived continuous onslaught of almost 947 years (1000 AD to 1947 AD) by foreign invaders as they mercilessly looted and ruled India without a competitor. However, India continued to absorb within itself all those who came and India has never attacked any other country in the entire known recorded history, spanning over 5000 years.

2.With an unparallel and very extensive experience as a nationalist social activist organization, RSS to make serious efforts in resolving the created animosity, between Hindus and Muslims, supported a large number of Muslim and Hindu Youths to form a NGO called the Muslim Rashtriya Manch ('MRM'), to bring Indian Muslim Youth into national mainstream and to promote harmony between Hindus and Muslims in the true sense. MRM has now a following of about 8,04,598 families (signed letter presented to President of India) and has touch based more than 1.5 Crore Muslims in the country, who wish economic empowerment beyond vote bank politics and are now all out in the open to get away with the divisiveness in the society which has been created and perpetrated by pseudo leaders and pseudo politicians. These divisive forces, now and then, by raising controversies and issues like 1947 partition, post Indira Gandhi anti-sikh riots, demolition of Babri Masjid, Godhara, secularism etc. keep charging peoples passions and keep discords and conflicts breathing. These conflicts become sharper when the elections are round the corner. The young generation of Muslims is now fully aware of the created religious divisiveness, which has been used as tool of exploitation and expanding the economic divide.

3. HuJi, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, SIMI and several other International Terrorist Organizations, banned and interdicted by Government of India and also United Nations Security Council, have continued to advocate and incite Indian Muslim Youth to promote enmity between Hindus and Muslims. They have also by strategically and calculatedly planting and triggering bombs, killed Muslims so that they react, resulting in Hindu Muslim riots and violence. These organizations also have continued to keep tensions brewing between Hindus and Muslims in India. During riots the anti social elements gets a free hand to loot shops, molest women and pick up children all that has disastrous consequences on the common man. All these organizations are internationally funded and supported by Global Economic Forces to propagate poverty. During the period from 08.09.2006 to 26.11.2008, they have been involved in six (6) major terrorist attacks in India– Malegaon 2006 (08.09.2006 and 13.09.2006), Samjhauta Express 2007 (18.02.2007), Hyderabad Mecca Masjid 2007 (18.05.2007), Ajmer 2007 (11.10.2007), Malegaon 2008 (29.09.2008) and Taj Hotel, Mumbai 2008 (26-28.11.2008).

4. This divisiveness of the Indian Society, initiated by Aryan Invasion Theory and Historical Exploitation Theory propounded by the British Raj., has continued to be funded by the Global Economic Forces and fueled by SIMI, HuJI, Lasker-e-Tayyeba etc and also by Naxals, Maoists, Missionaries etc. This discordant on the basis of religion or exploitative statements have all these years suited Congress and now UPA’s 'vote bank' politics as the same has helped them to get into power and retain the same. Polarization of Muslim votes and Muslim appeasement policy by UPA, though the same has not helped the economic growth of the Muslims, Scheduled tribes, Scheduled Castes and other backward classes at all, but has only helped UPA to be in power with about 30 % of vote share.

5.  The conflict ridden policy and continued implementation of divisiveness in Indian Society and allowing corruption, exploitation and appeasement does not in any event allow or entitle a democratically elected political party (UPA) to conspire to destroy other political parties and the cadres supporting them by misusing investigating agencies i.e. ATS, CBI and NIA to falsely implicate innocent nationalists in cases with which they have no links, connections or involvement in any manner whatsoever, either directly, indirectly  or even remotely.

6. In association with these international forces, during 2009 to 2013 UPA Government, particularly the Home Ministers (P. Chidambaram and Sushil K. Shinde) have ruthlessly used Sovereign powers to completely destroy India, the largest democracy in the world. The gross abuse of sovereign power by UPA Government during this period has been more dangerous and disastrous then the period of emergency during 1975 – 1977 and will go down as the another dark age, in the annals of history of India. Some earlier instances of misuse of sovereign power, since independence, that undermined and threatened democracy in India are as follows:

a.  Dissolution of State Assembly and continued Presidents Rule – more than 100 instances since 1950
b.   Imposition of Emergency – 1975 – 1977
c.   Implementation of Mandal Commission Report
d.   Appeasement of Muslims
e.  Weakening of independent Institutions – Election Commission,  RBI, CAG, CBI, NIA, Judiciary etc.

The ‘Larger Political Conspiracy’

1.  Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit (‘Lt. Col. Purohit’) belongs to a cultured, middle-class Maharashtrian Brahmin family and is a son of a bank officer. He was born in Pune and got his education from the Abhinav Vidhyalaya and Garware College there.  Neighbours know Lt. Col. Purohit as a soft-spoken man and superiors in the Army remember him as a bright, hard-working recruit. In all conversations with people who knew or had interacted with Lt. Col. Purohit, a common picture drawn is of a zealous young man with a marked patriotic fervour.

2.  In 1994, Lt. Col. Purohit was commissioned into the Maratha Light Infantry after passing out of the Officers' Training Academy at Chennai and served in Jammu and Kashmir for a long period and thereafter was shifted to Military Intelligence. Between 2002 and early 2005, Lt. Col. Purohit was part of a very important counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir, MI-25 or the Intelligence Field Security Unit. MI-25 is tasked with looking at the enemy along the Indian border.  Thereafter, Lt. Col. Purohit was posted at Deolali near Nasik in Maharashtra and Panchmani in Madhya Pradesh.

3.   After UPA came into power in 2004 and Malegaon 2006 was executed by SIMI on 08.09.2006 and 13.09.2006, without achieving the desired results, a meeting was held at the Army bases at Deolali and another at Panchmani where Lt. Col Purohit was posted. The meeting was attended by personnel from Ministry of Home Affairs. From the facts and circumstances as has come on record and media, it is evident that Lt. Col. Purohit was given the task to touch base nationalists.

4.  The larger political conspiracy of UPA Government was that the nationalists so identified and touched by Lt. Col. Purohit, with their mobile phone records, could be roped in any of the Terrorists attack which would be triggered independently by some international terrorist group. Recoveries and confessions as we all know are the weapon commonly used to link the criminal with the crime and have always been looked with circumspection by the Courts, but they act as powerful tool to keep investigation and trial going ad infinitem. The conspirators were well aware that that nobody would get convicted in the absence of cogent evidence,  but the whole purpose of the conspiracy was to keep media shouting and breaking news splashing and demean,  degrade and debase nationalists as ‘saffron terrorists’ a word coined by the political conspirators and supporting paid media.

5. It also conspired that after roping and arresting innocent nationalists, they will be ruthlessly tortured by investigating agencies particularly NIA and as they would succumb to pressures, their confessions could be recorded naming RSS, VHP and BJP leaders to make a political kill of the NDA. The powerful trilogy of RSS, VHP and BJP with a large following of committed nationalists which would now include MRM and several other nationalist organizations was making UPA extremely uncomfortable to succeed to get back into power in the elections to be held in March - April 2009. The rising of true India has always been an anathema to pseudo leaders and pseudo politicians, who thrive on perpetration of poverty and exploitation of the masses and the common man.

6. In or about 2007 Lt. Col.  Purohit along with Maj. Upadhyaya formed ‘Abhinav Bharat’ a frontal organization and was given Rs.21,00,000. It is obvious that the people who had created the larger conspiracy had supplied the finances to Lt. Col. Purohit to give confidence to the nationalists about their capacity to act and genuineness as they touch based them.

7. Soon after Malegaon 2008, Lt. Col. Purohit and Major Upadhyaya were arrested. Lt. Col. Purohit gave the name of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur as planned for she was a woman and thought to be a soft and vulnerable target, who would succumb under physical and mental torture. Lt. Col. Purohit was given full assurance that as soon as Sadhvi Pragya Thakur would, as a result of ruthless torture confess the committing of Malegaon 2008 and give the name of  RSS, VHP and BJP leaders, he will be released and in any event he would be given full emoluments, which he is still getting till today while in jail.

8. However, the entire political conspiracy failed because of the unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, astonishing and startling resistance and commitment to the nation shown by 37 yrs. old Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.  A name which will be a part of the annals of Indian history, when written correctly. After being in jail for almost 5 years (arrested on 10.10.2008, shown as arrested on 23.10.2008), in a letter written on 17.01.2013 to a Hon’ble Judge of  Bombay High Court, pursuant to an order passed by him,  she wrote:

"5. In spite of being a woman I was encircled by senior police officers and was given beating by belts, thrown on floor, abused using filthy language and was made to hear vulgar CD.
6. (ATS) continued day and night with the aforesaid torture.
7. On October 15,(2008) I don’t know why they took me to Rajdoot  hotel and tortured me. Because of that my membrane of my lung and stomach got ruptured. Since I was unconscious and unable to breath, I was admitted to private hospital Shrusha. The report of hospital mentioned the rupture of membrane. I can place the same as and when directed by you. After keeping me at Shursha hospital for two days, I was shifted to some other big hospital on ventilators and I was kept on ventilators for five days.
8. After slight relief I was again kept in the office room of Mr. Sawant at Kala Chowki and  again subjected to torture.
9. From here I was taken to Nasik at night thereafter my arrest was shown after thirteen days. I had not eaten for so many days and due to their torture I was in unstable state of mind. 
10. In state of unconscious my saffron clothes were removed and a salwar suit was put on. 
11. I was illegally subjected to Narco, polygraph and brain mapping tests without the permission of court. Aforesaid test were again conducted after showing arrest.
12. Lordship, having undergone such inhuman torture, I had developed a serious backbone problems and other problems. I am now unable to walk, sit and stand on my own. 
13. Due to torture by (ATS) I am mentally disturbed and my power to tolerate is also fading away. 
14. Its fifth year since I am and had suffered torture. I was given egg in my food in jail to destroy my ‘Satvikta’. Due to the ill effects of negative environment I am now suffering from serious other diseases. 
15. Now I am suffering from Cancer. I am unable to take diet as prescribed by the doctors. 
16. Due to aforesaid problems, for test and treatment under court orders I had been sent to hospitals at Mumbai and Nasik. They took me to JJ hospital and Government Hospital and Ayurvedic hospital wherein I was admitted under court orders only papers were prepared but no treatment  was offered to me. 
17. In 2009, I had undergone operation of my (Breast). In 2010 again I felt pain. I was in Central Jail, Nasik when MACOCA was dropped. Then I was sent to District hospital as per the orders of court, a special team was constituted which advised for operation. But I was again brought to Mumbai on charges under MACOCA. 
18. Due to critical condition and by court orders I was admitted to J.J hospital Mumbai and Ayurvedic hospital Mumbai. There only formalities were completed no treatment was given. 
19. During my hospitalization, the police security guards due to their police mentality and attitude, despite following all the rules and regulations by me, used to trouble  me for nothing on erroneous ground and the same was reported to Ld. Judge several times. 
20. Since March 2012 I am lodged in Central, Jail, Bhopal, M.P. On deterioration of my condition when I was sent to hospital there also police security guards troubled me the jail authorities wanted to get me treated but security  officers continued with their inhuman attitude and I had to return without treatment due to the same. This had happened to me several times. 
21. Same has been repeatedly going on till now. I wanted to take treatment, I went to hospital but because of the behaviour / attitude of govt. officials, courts and police personals I was afraid to get treatment. Now I am tired of under-going such problems repeatedly for last five years. 

9.  When Lt. Col. Purohit was not released as expected by him, he spilled the beans and has contended that he has been victimized by military intelligence officials, that he was never involved with Hindu extremists and that he was falsely implicated by a fellow officer, illegally detained and tortured.

10. After 2009, a total of five (5) cases have been marked as acts of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ with the sole political purpose of creating terror amongst nationalists and demeaning and debasing RSS, VHP and BJP. Innocent citizens have been picked up at random and ruthlessly tortured, by the Investigating Agency for no rhyme or reason, particularly by National Investigating Agency (NIA). Ruthless torture and inhumane treatment has continued for almost 5 years now with the sole objective of getting confessional statements of their involvement and the involvement of leaders of RSS, VHP and BJP. The direct and blatant political control, influence and involvement on the investigating agencies is evident by prior statements made by ministers, media leaks and the prosecution acting on such statements. All this is disastrous for a democratic country, where investigating agencies have become active participant in interference with the due process of law.

11.  However, the morale of these innocent nationalists who have been kept in illegal custody and their family is very high.  All these nationalists have been from their childhood days social activists and come from a very humble background with neither having means nor knowledge to undertake these well organised, powerfully economically supported by international organization, highly skilled and professional acts of terrorism, to bring about divisiveness and disharmony between Hindus and Muslims.