Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy Teachers' Day

Communication received from a Law Associate:
September 05.2015
I have spent the entire day thinking how best to wish you. How best to convey my deepest regard on this day. I realised, it certainly was not possible. Not to put in words something so heartfelt; words would never give justice...
I decided to keep it simple.
I decided to be exact. To the point. Straight. Unambiguous.
I decided to not think too much and just go with the flow, because that is how I remember you would write...
I may be wrong.
Thank you. So much.
For being exactly who you are. 
For being an unapologetic and completely complete version of yourself.
Thank you. For letting me be a part of that.
Thank you. For setting standards.
Thank you. For making me understand that it is human to be human. That it is okay to revel in my deepest insecurities.
Thank you. For making understand that that is where my biggest strengths lie.
Thank you. For making me realise that the biggest and the most heartfelt joy in the world is in noticing the simplest of things. I realised that after I noticed a butterfly on a flower I just potted in my garden.
Thank you. For training me, without realising, to think like you (at least I believe so).
Of course not completely, but I feel so.
Every time I'm faced with a situation, I think of how you would handle it, what your reaction would be. I may not have the correct answer but I feel I have a better understanding of things than I did back then...
Sir, thank you for really making me understand the joy in books.
I read The Fountainhead almost every month and realise how much more there still is to learn from just that one book...
Thank you. For making me realise how important it is to be true to oneself. To be completely honest at a soul level. To disagree with things that DO NOT agree with one at ones soul level... I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to something so fundamental...
Thank you. For making me realise the beauty in everything around me. I cannot stress upon it enough, but you literally opened my eyes to my surroundings. I see love and joy and grandeur in even a dirty wall... Thank you...
I could go on and on and on...
Sir, thank you for accepting me to be a part of your world. You have certainly changed mine.



Blessed Be. 
Thanks for the most precious, wondrous and reflective gift, every word of which does complete justice to what you have felt and is true. If that is so, how can you ever be wrong.
Ajita, all that you have learnt and all that you continue to learn is all result of your own deep commitment to your own self. You possess a great heart, an unbending positive will, simplicity and humbleness is ingrained deep in your spirit.
You have an unshakable integrity and a singularity of purpose which has the potentiality to deal with the most adverse and difficult times. And all this exists naturally in your system. 
Great books are reflections of great minds and are best companions in life. Mother nature and nature laws has the beauty and structures which continue to manifest and reflect it's magnanimity at all times. It provides you with fundamentals of existence, continue to observe and enjoy it's glamor in the stillness of time.
Always continue to enjoy the ecstasy of your blissful existence and take care of your own self and Praveen...
Blessed be...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

On Being a Son of a Judge - 10.10.1978

    I am not aware of the 'olden golden' days nor of the 'future platinum', but today it is a sin to be born in a family of people who are still able to hold to some values of life, an integrity and work hard.  In Chapter VI, shlok 40 - 41 of Bhagavad-Gita in reply to Arjuna’s query, as to what end does that person meet, who though possessed of faith, is unable to control himself and whose mind deviates from yoga, the Blessed Lord articulates -
   "O Partha, neither in this world nor in the next is there destruction for him, the doer of good, O my son, never comes to grief. Having attained to the worlds of the righteous and having lived there for countless years, he who falls from yoga is reborn in the house of the pure and the prosperous"
   I was born and think that similarly several others must have been born in families who still think that purity, integrity and character gives you happiness and takes you to prosperity and up in the social ladder. It is not necessary to resort to manipulation or 'dinner diplomacy', which seems to be the way of the world today. Scott Newman son of Paul Newman said I got no nepotistic help from my father or not much “The only thing my dad helps me get is my foot into the door. But no one in my right mind is going to hire somebody to handle a part just because I’s somebody’s son”.
    My grandfather was the first person in Jaipur to do BA in English in 1914. He obtained LL.B degree in 1926 and joined judicial services in the erstwhile State of Jaipur on January 7, 1929 as Munsif Magistrate. He had an  integrity of characters and a confidence in the cosmic energy. He retired as the first Registrar of High Court of Rajasthan on March 31, 1951.

    My father obtained LL.B degree in 1946 and joined the bar in 1948.  From 1958 to 1973, I had not seen him sleeping before 2 ‘o’ clock in the night. He used to communicate with clients, scribbling on postcards, while he took us to a cinema hall. He was elevated as a judge in 1973. No client ever thought of entering our house. He may not be an outstanding judge, but he was known for my perseverance, integrity and hard work.

    Having graduated from Jodhpur in Rajasthan and being a son of a judge, I walked into the Supreme Court on August 01, 1976 and joined the bar on September 03, 1976. I had left Jodhpur with a single attaché, one Bhagavad-Gita, seven volumes of ‘Complete works of Swami Vivekananda’ and Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson as my prized possession. But as I write this article I feel that to be born as a son of a judge is not a boon. If you are successful, the feeling is “Oh, I is a son of a judge, he is bound to be successful”. If you are not successful, the feeling is “Oh, he is a son of a judge, even then he is not successful”.

    Either way it is no pleasure to work hard. The vibes around, in the bar, with all the advocates who were not able to become judges or sons of advocates who were unable to become judges are not so comforting. These are feelings and thoughts  at the thresh hold of my carrier, lets see how events unfold.